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Cugir is situated in the southwest of Transilvania, on the river with the same name. In the document there are presented notes about Cugir area, that it is a specific one.

The natural background has a great and gorgeous variety, and it is presented through descriptions and pictures. From the mountains to the plain the river pass through the natural “theatre” made by mountains, hills and plains giving his values to man. In the end, the Cugir River goes into a full and beautiful crops field named “Cimpul Piinii”. People lived here even before the first century, when in the historical documents revealed that there was a fortress named Singidava. People continued to live in this area changing the environment starting in the past and continuing to improve it now.

The beauties of the places give the possibility to develop the local tourism including the environment, the historical and cultural potential, the art and the folk-art, the places where the tourist can stay for a great journey or even more. Moreover, why not, to make and to improve the means of communication.

Cugir Valley has a good soil; it has thick forests and a great variety of animals. There are many plants, medical ones, and bushes full of berries, protected plants and many firtrees. On the top of the mountains, there are nice meadows where the sheep, the goats and he cows continue to chew all day long.

In the area it is the possibility to develop the fishing, hunting and practicing extreme sport like river stream boats and windsurf .In the mountains .On the hills are great opportunities to have fun, to enjoy the beauties of the nature and to rest in the life vacations.

People can make trips around the Cugir town to Sebes Valley and Jiului Valley, because there are foot =traveling routs like:

  • 1) Cugir- Canciu- Surianu- Oasa- Obirsia Lotrului- Voineasa;
  • 2) Cugir- Canciu- Poarta Raiului- Prigoana Sebes;
  • 3) Cugir- Canciu- Surianu- Ausel- Petrosani;
  • 4) Cugir- Prislop- Dealul Negru- Comarnicel- Petrosani;
  • 5) Cugir- Sipcea- Dealul Negru- Baru Mare;
  • 6) Cugir- Prislop- Scirna- Cetatea Gradistea de Munte= Pestera Cioclovina.

Up in the mountains there are fair-parties, where the people who live in the surroundings can take part to folk festivals They meet each other, talk, and have fun and dance. The most important festival is on July the 20th when there is a demonstration of “sticks-fight” between the bravest young man who show their abilities in using the sticks in front of the girls.

If the tourists want to rest after the long and difficult trips, they will rest themselves into two big inns: Surianu and Prislop or to the people’s houses. The so called “border people” are very hospitable with the foreigners.

  1. kirob permalink

    I have to complete and to continue my translation…I do not know when…maybe when I will be back home, in Cugir, and I will have my soul and mind, full of silence and peace…


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