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Bertolt Brecht
Cover of Bertolt Brecht

…how did we find ourselves with this unhappy attention-span conceit, and with the companion idea that a big attention span is humankind’s best moral and aesthetic asset?
Bertolt Brecht made the case for a “smokers’ theater,” which encouraged the audience to light up cigars during plays. Condemning his fellow Germans for being “uncommonly good at putting up with boredom,” he hoped that by smoking during a play — or pacing, talking, walking out — they could also cultivate individuality and ideally an immunity to tyranny. A healthy fidgetiness would keep them from sitting silently, sheepish and spellbound.
Instead, the problem with the attention-span discourse is that it’s founded on the phantom idea of an attention span. A healthy “attention span” becomes just another ineffable quality to remember having, to believe you’ve lost, to worry about your kids lacking, to blame the culture for destroying. Who needs it?
More than this today we have…dashboards ! Cost effective solution . Create lists, of people of course, resulting to do lists and multitasking behavior, that’s the question here, have computerized support. Just click on the tabs! Ouch I don’t mentioned they !
Now RockMelt is a social web browser built off of Chromium and boasts deep integration with both Facebook and Twitter with it’s “Edges” which are filled with friends that are online and feeds that you follow complete with update badges.
Let’s review: on the top tabs, on the left edge instant menage, on the right RSS feeds.
In the midle something like some of the remarkable tools built-into the new iPad HootSuite app:

Multi-network integration (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare)
Message scheduling
On-board click statistics
Real-time Twitter search
Built-in link shortener
Geo-location aware
and plenty more…
What attention spam ?

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  1. Time management is for everybody. People in all phases of life needs to practice this basic skill in order to perform well. Everything needs to require time and attention in order to achieve what we need to achieve, as well as, what we want to gain


  2. College is almost like a simulated version of adult life, where while you are still learning, you are expected to carry yourself as an adult.


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