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iGeneration traits, including:

•Early introduction to technology.

•Adeptness at multitasking.

•Desire for immediacy.

•Ability to use technology to create a vast array of “content.”

Many researchers are trying to determine whether technology somehow causes the brains of young people to be wired differently. Based on some research related to multitasking, Rosen says, he’s inclined to believe some “rewiring” is going on.

“They should be distracted and should perform more poorly than they do,” he says. But findings show teens “survive distractions much better than we would predict by their age and their brain development.”

They’re just smart in different ways, Small says. “In some ways (technology) is hindering, in some ways it’s advancing” education, he says. “It teaches our brain a different way of processing things.”

That creates a barrier between the old and new generations, Small says. The new generation may be good with technology but weak in face-to-face communication. “This may create a need for multi-generational work teams so they can help each other,” he says.

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