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Save The Children (From Global Warming Propaganda)


Save The Children (From Global Warming Propaganda).

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He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future – Adolf Hitler, 1935 No regime in modern history exploited propaganda as diabolically and successfully as did the Third Reich, thanks, in large part, to its focus on those most vulnerable to their ideological manipulation — children.  And with more American adults seeing the cold truth behind warming misinformation, alarmists are stepping up efforts to brainwash our schoolchildren using a playbook that would have impressed Joseph Goebbels himself.  Of course, green schooling was surreptitiously introduced years ago.

Between 1936 and 1945, German boys 13 and older were forced to join a paramilitary group known as Hitler-Jugend (Hitler Youth), where they were indoctrinated early into the Nazi belief system, most notably eugenics and its cousin — anti-Semitism.  They, too, were taught that their parents were potentially ideologically dangerous.  And they, too, were expected to proselytize their elders.  Adolf Hitler was well aware that many adults saw right through Nazi propaganda, and his remedy was disturbingly similar to that of climate alarmists described by Marlo Lewis in the first section of this piece.
But Hitler Youth also acted as clandestine thought police, denouncing anyone criticizing party doctrine – often including their parents. And while books like James Russell’s How to Turn Your Parents Green currently provoke children to only “nag, pester, bug, torment, and punish people who are merrily wrecking our world,” what might the future hold for these Hansen Youth as green regulation and legislation spew from the deranged warmists in Congress and our new Administration?
So how do we save our kids’ minds from these eco-fascists?  Sure, we retain some control over the green nonsense our kids are exposed to on TV and online.  And should we choose to send them to a University or church that preaches this baloney, well, that’s our decision.  But the public schools are another matter. To me, teaching AGW dogma to my children is no different or less outrageous than training them in another man’s religion.  In fact, AGW has become such a pagan creed that a case might one day be made that such instruction violates the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment.

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