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How to Write Yourself Sane |

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The effect of social media !

But do you know what?

Sometimes you gotta be a jerk.

You are not in business to make friends with your staff. You are in business to make a profit, and the fact is, making a profit is easier when everyone is on the same page. So that begs the question: How do you get them on the same page?

By being the boss, that’s how.

Small Business is not Business, please do not extrapolate business rules, rather is working like family business. People with same behavior pattern working on commercial basis. The main rule it’s look like “if You do not have money to run the business for at last one year, quit.” Profit is at last “one year goal”, jerk is sometimes.

If time is money, then the best and only reason to have employees is to delegate lower level work so that the employer can focus on the high paid work. With strong accounting (and strong understanding of client flow and future income), every cent that comes into a business can be attributed to every system, employee, client, and the employer herself, down to the minute, if you like.

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