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10kW Fuel Cell UPS for North American Telecoms Operators

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Why Fuel Cells?

  • Higher Energy Efficiency – Fuel cells generate electricity through an electrochemical reaction. Because this is a relatively simple energy conversion processes and involves relatively few moving parts (particularly when compared to an internal combustion engine), fuel cells are typically 35% to 55% efficient. Internal-combustion-engine generators are typically 20%~30% energy efficiency. It is also important to note that the fuel cell’s efficiency is constant across variable loads and voltage does not degrade.
  • Clean and Eco-Friendly – At the point where the fuel cell generates electricity the only emission is water. When using hydrogen generated from renewable energy it is possible for the energy created to effectively be carbon neutral. With no CO2, NOx or particulates generated by the fuel cell, users can enjoy clean energy with minimal environmental impact.
  • Installation Simplicity and Operating Stability – Fuel Cells produce minimal vibrations and noise during operation and require less maintenance than traditional generator technologies (e.g, no oil changes). When compared to batteries, fuels cells require less space and can provide longer autonomy. Unlike renewables, Fuel cells can operate 24 hours / 365 days a year in almost any climate and latitude, allowing them to be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations. In UPS applications there is not the 10% loss in energy associated with battery solutions.

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