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Santa Claus


My number one goal as a parent has always been three-fold:

1. Create an environment for my children to grow up where they feel relatively safe.
2. Provide opportunities for my children to build their self-esteem.
3. Build a relationship with each of my …

My number two goal as parent has always two fold:

  1. Boys
  1. Girls

When # 2 is not applying remain in force #1

So Santa Claus remain on his place!

Merry Christmas

and remember, until next year this place is safe for childern!


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  1. kirob permalink

    Hi, there!
    Well, we can discus the idea about parenting…A child (you had had 3 of them!), needs to be close to him, to live IN HIS WORLD, together with him…almost all the time, mainly from 5 to 15. If, it happen only to stay apart and to ensure your child “to have everything”, it is wrong…You have to be there all the time, even to guess the child’s problem, in advance. And to keep communicate with him, about everything, or nothing…Otherwise, the “cold” and “misunderstandings” will be there all life long…Unfortunately, for both parts…


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