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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered House


“The new fuel cell is a Baxi Innotech unit that generates 1.5kW of electricity and provides 3 kW of heat suitable for domestic heating and hot water that is transferred to a 600-litre water tank heat store next to the fuel cell.  The heat is circulated through conventional radiators and to the hot water cylinder in the house, while the electricity generated by the fuel cell powers the house. If the house needs less electricity the extra generated is exported to the National Grid. If the house needs more electricity, the additional amount required is imported from the grid.”

Clear, the future is now what they have done?

Natural gas is not burned is converted on to Hydrogen, that means for every two molecules of Hydrogen one molecule of Carbon Dioxide and on to another hand, if there is no need for heating is to expensive.


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  1. theyarehere permalink

    How silly to waste energy in the name of emitting less CO2. Any idea how much hydrogen creation costs to make? Adn about the sensibility of fearing CO2-emission, read


  2. Here in US I’ve heard about a ex politician, Al Gore, I suppose American, generating noises “how to reduce CO2 emissions using Internet”
    Energy balances for processes considered above are positive at a price of $ 5/ gasoline gallon, and current rates of capital investments, as you see at pump in this summer I have buying diesel at this price.
    Here is an communist attack against US, using CO2 theory, real face is climate conditions tell us that a glacier period is near here!


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